CB Radio and Accessories store section added

While cell phones have taken over many communications needs for truck drivers, CB radios still play an important part of life on the road. Quality radios are a must for the rugged life in the cab of a truck. Driver’s needing quick information on locations for deliveries and pickups need the flexibility of grabbing the mic and shouting out for help.

Other driver’s will respond with the needed information – information that may include critical points about restricted roads, low clearances and other need to know information that only a trucker would know or even care about.

The best CB radio in the world has no value if it does not also have a quality antenna and good microphone. So with that in mind, we have carefully selected several each of this important parts of the system to help the driver pick out the right combination to build the best system for his or her situation.

Additional accessories have also been selected which include cables, power adapters and external speakers.

Of course, if the radios and extras we have reviewed do not fit the needs – the driver has the opportunity to search and review 1000s of CB radios, GPS systems, entertainment systems and other products from Amazon’s extensive selection.

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