Peterbilt 379 and 6 Yellow Roses: Radiator Pros

It is amazing how often, as Americans, we have learned to not say thank you. In the golden years, okay, you pick when that was for you, people appeared to appreciate doing business with each other much more. When you walked into a business, you were greeted with a hello and you respond with a smile and hello. At the end of your transaction – you thanked the person helping you. Now, it seems, that the customer assumes they owe the serving person not only no thank you, but no respect.

I was made aware of the following story Radiator Pros (1616 NE Broadway, Des Moines, Iowa). The story highlights that old fashioned customer service is still alive and well. And equally important is that there are people that appreciate it.

Please read the entire story here: A 379 Peterbilt PLUS a Heavy Duty Radiator Equals Six Yellow Roses.

I hope that this story reinforces the need for quality customer service by companies. It also should emphasize that returning the courtesy is equally valuable. If, as a truck driver or trucking professional, you just once think that you should not be polite to the people you deal with – remember all the times you are on the other side of the counter. Do you appreciate it when, after dumping $500 worth of fuel in your tanks, the clerk says thank you for your businesses? Of course you do. And all that money was not going to the clerk – it was to the truck stop.

Karma is a two way opportunity. Pass on good emotions and those good vibes will often be returned to you.

Let us return American Trucking and American Customer Service to the way we do business.

And, while I was not personally affected by Radiator Pros’ customer service representative, I would like to thank them for their care, concern and compassion.

Happy Trucking – John Carter

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