Free Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet access is the newest component for a quality life for the over the road truck driver. With WiFi, the trucker can manage finances, keep in touch with family, keep abreast of news and current events, obtain entertainment and even submit load paperwork to the home office.

Because of this, more and more truck drivers are carrying lap top computers or other mobile devices such as IPads, Samsung Galaxys, Amazon Kindles and Barnes & Nobles Nooks. These devices can enhance the quality of life on while on the road as well as serving practical purposes at assisting driver’s to locate services from where to get fuel, obtain truck maintenance and locating parking, food and lodging.

For the family side of life, even simple email with family and close friends can shrink the miles and the loneliness of days or weeks on the road. Video conferencing, while never the same as being there, allows moms and dads to still be a daily part of their childrens’ lives. Another advantage is the entertainment options that are available from playing games, reading books, following the news, or reading online magazines.

Those drivers that already have portable devices already know this – those that don’t should consider them. Wireless internet access allow for personal communications while in the comfort of your cab as opposed to while sitting in a public place like a restaurant. A video chat with family can and should be a private affair, which is why your wireless internet device is so important.

Many truck stops realize the importance of wireless internet access and have installed the service as a convenience amenities. Some offer the services for free, others (Travel Stops Of America {at last check}) charged for the services at most of their locations. Many independent Truck Stops, and the number offering the services grows daily, provide wireless internet access which may be free or fee. Like all amenities, the local manager that makes the decision of what they offer and at what cost. Some simply do not offer wireless access at all, maybe because they do not see the value in providing the service which will attract drivers who will also purchase fuel, food or service.

However, even if your favorite truck stop does not offer wireless service, not all is lost. Luckily, many restaurants, some motels and occasionally other businesses have generously installed and made available to the public, open and free wireless access.

While this is by no means a complete list, and some local managers may not have the services available at their location, here are some nationwide businesses to look for when you are needing to find a signal for your computer.

McDonald’s (Provided by AT&T)
Starbucks (Provided by AT&T)
IHOP (International House of Pancakes)
Burger King
Home Depot
Einstein Brother’s Bagels
Barnes and Nobles
Best Buy Stores
Krispy-Kreme Doughnuts
Big O Tires (Service Central Automotive)
National Tire and Battery {NTB} (Service Central Automotive)
Tire Kingdom (Service Central Automotive)
Merchants Tire and Auto (Service Central Automotive)

As we learn of other large/chain companies and restaurants, we will add them to this list. We will not list individual locations or small chains, but will indicate those services likely to be available on a coast to coast basis or with a large regional foot print. Check the listing on Truck Stop Report for a local truck stop that provides Wireless Internet Access