RTS Carrier Services

RTS Carrier Services

RTS Carrier Services‘ mission is to provide industry discounts for transportation companies of any size so that they may grow, prosper and thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Headquartered in Kansas City, RTS Carrier Services is part of the RTS family of companies which also include Ryan Transportation, RTS Credit Services and RTS Financial.

Some of the areas where RTS Carrier services can provide discounts are:

  • Fuel Purchases
  • Tire Purchases and repairs
  • Maintenance and PM
  • Lodging Discounts
  • TripPak charges

RTS Carrier may also be able to provide Factoring of your outstanding invoices, Credit Reporting Services and Private Load Board systems.

Fuel Card Program: Our fuel card program features industry leading discounts on diesel fuel nationwide. We also offer multiple payment methods, online account management and detailed reporting.

Tire Discounts: Save on new and refurbished tires and services at thousands of participating service centers across North America.

Lodging Discounts:  Savings of up to 20% may be possible at many majoring motel/hotel chains.

Maintenance Discounts: Enjoy significant savings on oil changes, preventative maintenance, roadside services and other services vital to keeping your trucks on the road your drives delivering time sensitive cargo.

Factoring Services can greatly improve cash flow by getting you your money now without having to wait 30 or more days for payment. Factoring may be able to get you your cash in 1 or 2 days.

The Ryan Transportation maintains a private Load Board with 24/7 access from any online device with easy to search and easy to use features. Registered carriers can access the load board 24/7 to find the right loads to match with their trucks – in the right location at the right time.

RTS Carrier Services is a single source for many business support services,