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Please note, that like all slang and shortcuts, there is NO national standard and there are differences between areas. This information is intended only for reference and entertainment.

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Radio SpeakMeans
"A&A" (-politely- Aggravating Agitator): A CB user whose main purpose in life is to stir trouble and cause problems, usually under the influence of alcohol, and/or drugs.
"Affirmative" Yes
"African Violet" An African-American truck stop prostitute.
"Alice in Wonderland" Someone who is lost or seeking directions.
"Anchored Modulator" Base Station.
"Anklebiters" Children.
"Back Door" The area behind a vehicle or the last vehicle in a line. To say "I got your back door" means that someone is watching another's back. "Knocking at your back door" means approaching from behind.
"Bear Bait" An erratic or speeding driver.
"Bear Bite" A speeding ticket.
"Bear with a Customer" A patrol officer who has pulled someone over.
"Bend over Bill[y]" Name given as an insult to another man implying that person is a homosexual.
"Big Road" Interstate highway, as opposed to smaller highways and city streets.
"Big Truck" A semi truck, usually an 18-wheeler, used as the oppisite of the term "four-wheeler."
"Binders" Air brakes.
"Black Bart" A chronic alcoholic who cannot handle his liquor. Usually shouts loudly, picking people up, etc. A general nuisence to others. An undesirable person at a party or truckstop.
"Blinders" High beams(headlights).
"Bogie" Threat.
"Brake check" A brief traffic slowdown, where traffic flow improves after about a minute or two.
"Breaker" Telling other CB users that you'd like to start a transmission on a channel. May be succeeded by either the channel number, indicating that anyone may acknowledge (e.g. "Breaker One-nine" refers to channel 19, the most widely used among truck drivers), or by a specific "handle", which is requesting a particular individual to respond.
"Bubblegummer" Teenager.
"Buffalo" A male prostitute, who may be homosexual.
"Bumper Sticker" A tailgating vehicle.
"BUSTED!" You see two or more patrol cars, one other car pulled over, people in cuffs on the ground and/or in the cruiser, which may have a cage in it, the car's contents all over the place, officers searching it (most likely for drugs, weapons). Sometimes, the vehicle's tires are flat, after it hit one or more spike strips
"Busy" or "Workin" A Weigh Station or Rest Area that is pulling trucks in for weighing or inspection.
"Cash Box" or "Cash Register" A toll booth or toll plaza.
"Channel 4 Drunk" A chronic alcoholic who spends an extreme amount of time on the CB radio. Interchangeable with the terms Silverfish, Buck, Kool-Aid Man, or Leadfoot. Derived from the Channel Four CB club in Concord, North Carolina.
"Checking My Eyelids for Pinholes" I'm tired.
"Chief Hood Lifter" Service Manager at a truck repair garage
"Chicken coop" A weigh station.
"Locked up" / "clean" means the weigh station is closed. (ex: "the chicken coop is clean.")
"Choke and Puke" Roadside diner (After the poor quality of food at some establishments).
"Classy Chassis" Nice truck.
"Clean and Green" No police or obstructions ahead.
"Coloring Book" or "Comic Book" A trucker's log book.
"Commercial Company" Prostitute who hangs out on the radio, usually around truck stops.
"Convoy" A group of 3 or more truckers in a line, usually exceeding the speed limit.
"Come Back / Come On" A request for someone to acknowledge a transmitted message or reply to a question.
"Comedian" The median between a divided highway.
"Crotch-Rocket Cowboy" An individual on a sport bike (motorcycle) riding recklessly. Usually used as a warning to other drivers to watch for erratic behaviour.
"Dead-heading" A truck operating with an empty trailer (see "Hauling fence post holes").
"Dog The Bounty Hunter " or "Dog" Slang for a bounty hunter .
"Dirty Dan" A disgustingly nasty, smelly, unclean, unbathed, and generally unhealthy long haul truck driver who goes weeks or even months without showering.
"Double Nickel" The 55 mph speed limit for trucks.
"Doughnuts" Tires.
"Driver" A polite form of address used when you do not know someone's on-the-air nickname. (See "Handle")
"Drop the hammer down" Pressing the accelerator to full speed.
"Ears" CB radio (ex: "How bout ya JB, got ya ears on?")
"Eaten By a Bear" Someone who is arrested by police, you can see the arrested person in the patrol car, especially if said patrol car has a "cage" in it.
"Eyeballs" Headlights.
"Fat Cat" An overweight truck driver or other burden on society.
"Fender Bender" A road traffic accident/crash.
"Filthy Freddy" or "Double F" An overweight longhaul truck driver or other miscreant of society that goes weeks or even months without bathing. This is the male counterpart of the "Hungry Heifer".
"Flash For Cash" speed camera
"Flatlander" Someone from the city, usually a derogatory term used by mountain folk or a mountain resident such as "roncpp", etc.
"Flip-flop" / "Flip-side" The return leg of a trip. (ex: "Catch you on the flip-flop" means "I'll contact you again on the way back.")
"Flyboy" A speeding vehicle, one that is driving way over the speed limit and is certain to get a ticket.
"Four" Short for the ten code 10-4, which means acknowledged, okay, etc.
"Four Wheel Phone Booth" Someone using a cell phone while driving. Several states in the US and countries have outlawed this, but it still goes on.
"Front Door" The first vehicle in the line of a convoy, or the area ahead of a vehicle.
"Gator" / "Alligator" a large piece of a truck tire's tread in the roadway. The name comes from the tire tread's resemblance to the scaly ridges of an alligator's back, or the propensity for these pieces of tread to be drawn up between the cab and trailer by the air currents of a truck at highway speeds "like a snapping gator", and sever the air brake lines between the tractor and the trailer. Most newer trucks have shield plates designed to prevent this.
"Gator Guts" Smaller pieces of shredded tire usually preceding a larger piece of "gator" or "gator back".
"Georgia Overdrive" Shifting into neutral on a down grade to gain speed without using fuel.
"Go-go juice" / "Motion Lotion" / "Pusholine" Fuel (usually Diesel, since large trucks seldom run on gasoline.)
"Good Buddy" In the 1970s, this was the stereotypical term for a friend or acquaintance on a CB radio.
"Good Neighbor" This has replaced "good buddy" as the acceptable term for friend.
"Got your ears on?" asking the receiver if they are on the air and listening.
"Grocery Grabber" / "Grocery Getter" A Minivan, station wagon, or other family car.
"Granny Lane" The far right lane (slow lane).
"H&D" Hate and Discontent, the atmosphere of tension created on a CB channel by constant argument and verbal assault.
"Hacker" Person or individual operating a radio transmission without regard for standard rules or etiquette.
"Hamburger Helper" Power amplifier / Linear, used to boost transmission power.
"Hamhock"/"Porky Pig" Person using an amateur radio callsign (as opposed to a handle) or procedure on CB. Using amateur radio practises on CB is not illegal in itself, but is considered awkward or out-of-place.
"Hammer Lane" The far left lane (fast lane).
"Handle" The nickname a CB user uses in CB transmissions. Other CB users will refer to the user by this nickname. To say "What's your handle?" is to ask another user for their CB nickname.
"Hang Around Nellie" A repulsively obese woman that hangs around truckstops looking for a man.
"Harvey Wallbanger " A driver who appears to be drunk or is driving recklessly.
"Hauling fence post holes" / "Hauling sailboat fuel" / "Hauling dispatcher brains" / "Hauling Volkswagen radiators" Hooked to an empty trailer.
"Hitting the jackpot" Getting stopped by a state trooper. Lights on trooper cars look like slot machine lights.
"Hole In The Wall" A tunnel.
"Hood Lifter" Automobile or truck mechanic
"How 'bout it?" / "How 'bout ya?" A query used when seeking another, usually followed by their CB handle, or some other identifier if you don't know their handle.
"How many candles are you burning?" Asking how old someone is.
"Hungry Heifer" A grossly overweight female one meets over the CB. Usually lacks any type of personal hygiene.
"Ice-Capading " Losing traction on the roads due to icy conditions; can refer to either the trucker, or witnessing it happen to someone else.
"I'm Gone / We gone" Indicates that one is finished transmitting and may not be listening to the conversation any longer, or may be traveling out of receiving range. Equivalent to "Signing off", "Out", or "Clear" in formalized radio voice procedure.
"Illini Bound" Illinois bound traffic also known as "Lincoln Bound"
"Jabber / Jabbering Idiot / Babble / Babbling Idiot" Someone using foreign language on the CB. US law does not forbid other languages on the radio.
"Jake brake Jacobs engine retarder brake used to help slow rigs on down grades. Now used to mean any similar system uses engine compression to hold back a rig on a down grade (IE. the pac brake = pacific engine brake). Both make a loud roaring sound. Some townships have bylaws in place that limit the use of such brakes in residential or other areas due to this noise.
"Jet Pilot" Speeding vehicle.
"Jibber Jabber on Channel 9" Someone using foreign language on Channel 9, which is not illegal. Channel 9 on the CB is supposed to be used /only/ to report emergencies, such as an overturned truck, fire, criminal matters, related matters.
"Joke book"/"Comic book"/"Lie book" A trucker's log book.
"Key Up" To engage the microphone button. ex: "When did you key up your mike last?
"Kick a Tire" / "Watering the Tires" To urinate using the quadruple tractor or trailer tires.
"Kick It In" What the person who is being called will say on his radio as a response. (for example: "How 'bout 'cha, Blue Beard. You got a copy on Shamrock?" "This is Blue Beard. Kick it in.")
"Kicker" / "Boots" / "Shoes" A Linear Amplifier that is used to boost the transmitting power of a CB Radio above the legal four watts.
"Limo Liberal" / "Richie Roach" Someone in a limousine. Taken from comments made by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity regarding liberals riding in limousines.
"Lincoln Bound" Illinois bound Traffic, not Chicago.
"Little White Pills" Stimulants used to keep the driver awake on long hauls. Mentioned in Dave Dudley's original version of the song "Six Days on the Road".
"Lot Lizard" Prostitute, especially one that frequents truck stops.
"Nap Trap" Motel or rest stop.
"Negatory" No
"O.L." Wife ("Old Lady")
"O.M." Husband ("Old Man")
"OOOOOPS" An obnoxious way to get attention for purposes of being informative. Word said on CB referring to an accident or a police traffic stop, "Oooops at the 49."
"Office on Wheels" Office workers using the car as an office while in traffic.
"Organ Donor"/"Donorcycle" A civilian motorcyclist, especially one without a helmet, usually driving erratically and/or under the influence
"Outbander"/"Freebander" One who operates an illegally modified CB radio, often broadcasting outside the regulated frequencies.
"Psyco"/"Train" Police backup.
"Over and Out" Phrase meaning the CB'er is stopping talking and either turning the CB off or going to another channel.
"Over the Tank-Hank" See "Bend Over Bill"
"Pickle Park" An interstate rest area frequented by prostitutes.
"Pill" A power transistor in an illegal linear amplifier.
"Put the Hammer Down" / "Put the pedal to the metal" Slang for flooring the accelerator.
"Raking the Leaves" The last person in the convoy, who would watch out for troopers coming from behind
"Ratchetjaw" An obnoxious person talking non-stop and saying nothing
"Reefer" A refrigerated trailer, identifiable by the large refrigeration unit on the front of the trailer.
"Re-Power" A truck taking a load from another truck that cannot make the destination. This is usually done if the original truck has broken down, the previous driver has run out of hours, or if the load has a long way to go and needs a team that can run with the load 24/7 and to get the load to the destination faster.
"Rig" Truck
"Rip-off Ralphy" A truck stop dope dealer who charges extremely high prices.
"Road Ho" / "Road Juliet" A female escort usually found at truck stops and rest areas.
"Road Pizza" An animal that has been run over and flattened on the pavement.
"Rubber duck" The first vehicle in a convoy.
"Rubbernecker" Vehicles that further slow down or impede already congested traffic by rotating their heads 180 degrees to view the accident or traffic incident and not paying attention to the road ahead.
"Sandbagging" Not participating in conversation but listening only, despite having the capability of speaking. This is not the same as listening in using a simple receiver, as the person doing this activity can transmit using the two-way radio, but chooses not to. It is done to monitor people for entertainment or for gathering information about the actions of others. Often, CBer's will /sandbag/ to listen to others' responses to their previous input to a conversation, sometimes referred to a "reading the mail."^
"Schneider Eggs" Orange barrels filled with sand at construction sites to serve as a protective barrier for construction workers against moving traffic. The term is a reference to Schneider; a large trucking company known for its orange-painted trucks.
"Seat Cover" A attractive female passenger in a vehicle.
"Shaking the Trees" The person in the lead in a convoy watching out for troopers up ahead.
"Sidebander" A CB station using SSB modulation .
"Sleeper Leaper" See "Lot Lizard".
"Smokey's got a customer" A cop who pulled someone over.
"Steak on the Grill" / "Put a steak on the grill" To hit a cow.
"Steering Wheel Holder" An inexperienced or poor driver. The Term is meant to be a demoted version of a truck driver because the person is "not worthy" of being called a truck driver.
"Suds and Mud" Beer and coffee (with cream/milk in it), served at some truck stops and restaurants
"Suicide Jockey" A trucker hauling explosives.
"Super Bowl" Channel 6 (27.025 MHz). A popular channel for skip shooters using high powered amplifiers.
"Super Slab" A multi-lane highway.
"Swindle Sheet" A trucker's log book
"Tandems" The rear wheels on a trailer.
"TK" / "Unit" Thermo King refrigerated unit on the front of a trailer.
"Toilet Mouth" / "Potty Mouth" Someone using profanity, obscene language on the air (on-air profanity is generally frowned upon within the CB community).
"The Curve" I-90 & I-39 interchange; I-90 turn north at Rockford, IL.
"Tricycle Motor" Young child (Also, "Crumb-Cruncher", "Curtain Climber", "Rugrat").
"Truckstop Hookup" A short term date of sorts.
"Truck Stop Tommy" A pimp of sorts who specializes in getting truckers illegal services and/or drugs.
"Twenty" See "10-20".
"Twister Tracker" Someone who is chasing tornadoes, other storms.
"Willy Weaver" A driver who is weaving, due to lack of sleep or excess of alcohol.
"Window Washer" Rain.
"XYL" Older woman ("Ex-Young Lady") - Could also be a wife.
"YL" Attractive woman ("Young Lady") - could also be a girlfriend.
"You Ass Eh" The U.S.A.
"Zipper" Painted dashed line dividing lanes ("He is hogging the zipper").

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