A little encouragement..

I started Truck Stop Report many years ago. I had conceptualised it may years before that. Initially it was going to be far simpler then it became as I decided to add attional features and services. There are, still in the planning stage, many more features planned for the “final” project. However, there can never truly be a final phase – there will always be new locations to add, existing locations to update and locations that cease operations to be so treated. However, that is the maintenance stage – I am still in the major building state with over 1/2 of the States in the USA and all the Canadian Territories yet to be researched and detailed.

As the this project has grown and as it seems more and more like I will never get closer to providing the information that I want at a minimum on line, I occasionally get depressed. This, literally, has been an ongoing almost 7 years of data research.

On Saturday, June 16, 2012, I was talking to a medical technician. He commented that he was previously a truck driver. He added that, that my scare you it scares some people. He did not phase me at all. I explained that my Dad (deceased) was a truck driver for 30 years and occasionally, my Mom would pull me out of school so that I could go with him on one of his day (out and back same day) runs. I added that I have one brother that has been a driver nearly his entire adult live and nearly all of that with the same company. And I have an additional brother who has been a driver most of his life, but he has been a little more willing to jump companies. And, I also drove (expedite freight in the midwest) for a few years.

I then mentioned TruckStopReport.com has ‘my site’. The gentleman I was talking to looked me in the eye and state: “you cost me a lot of money”. As I inquired into how I cost him money, explained that when his wife was with him (just before he stopped driving a truck and transferred into medical work) she regularly used TruckStopReport.com to find out which truck stops had restaurants and shopping near by and it was those truck stop that they used and visited.

In the end, this person validated that the concept is valid and the product is useful, even if I know at this time it is not as complete as I wish it was.

If anyone would like to add to this thread how they use TruckStopReport I would greatly appreciate knowing your thoughts, even if they are not as flattering as I would like. And feel free to let me know what features I should also add to it, I will consider this along with all the things I have planned or in the works.

Thank you for your support.

John Carter


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