Fuel Prices

I was asked why don’t I include fuel prices on this website.

WHY: Constantly Changing Prices and People Lie!

I will be honest, I will not ad fuel prices because those are so volitile that they are almost never correct. I have looked on line at a couple of the places that list ‘auto gas prices’ and they are showing updated with a few hours and then when I get there they are way off. So either the prices changed 20 cents in a matter of hours, or people are intentionally posting lower prices to get customers to come to their store.

Is that a little rude to say. Yes, but I have no other way to explain why one gas station near my business is always way cheaper (online) then everyone around them yet if you drive around, they are equal to or greater then nearly all the other gas stations in a 1 mile radius. Curious that this is all the time not once in a while.

The only way to maintain accurate fuel pricing is if you have then active engagement of 10,000s of {honest} people reporting what they paid daily. Even then, it can change. Pilot on their website does not ‘guarantee’ prices. If someone was to see a price of  $3 / gallon online and then they get there and it is $3.50, they will be upset. Even if it states the price update was from 3 days ago, they will feel the $3 price is valid and they will either give the fuel desk a hard time, give us a hard time, or both.

We do our best to provide accurate phone numbers for locations. The only way to know the price before you get there – call them and ask.

John Carter

Truck Stop Report

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