Stainless Steel Coolant Tubes Done Right

100% Made in the USA by Southpointe Radiator

They say if you want something done right, do it yourself. After exploring all the options in Coolant Tubes offered in the heavy duty truck market, that’s exactly what Southpointe Radiator decided to do.
Southpointe Radiator is located in Taylor Michigan and has been family owned for more than 30 years and three generations of heavy duty specialists.


The viewpoint in product offerings stemmed from a simple premise – if we wouldn’t want it in our own truck, we won’t sell it for theirs. When it came to Coolant Tubes what they found was product consisting of a 400 series, or martensitic type, steel which is very hard but because of the makeup becomes brittle. This leaves the tube susceptible to rust and compromises the overall strength and durability. Other considerations were the process of forming the bend as well as the methods used for cutting the tube and applying brackets. None were found to be within the high standards Southpointe Radiator.
Southpointe Radiator begins with an austenitic, 304 surgical stainless steel consisting of 8-10% nickel and 18-20% chromium making them not only resistant to rust, but keeps the overall integrity through road debris and the elements. A mandrel bend allows for an extreme tight radius while keeping the tube wrinkle free allowing a full flow throughout the tube. Smooth bore dies are used for burr free clamping and a water jet is utilized to cut flanges and brackets. The tubes are also completely tig welded with a 308 series rod in keeping in line with the rest of our high quality standards. The entire process gives it a better fit, safer to handle, has a better appearance, and keeps the overall function more consistent.
Being offered a lifetime warranty on any product is certainly a great selling feature; one that gives a customer peace of mind that they will not need to pay again for a part on their heavy duty truck. However, with all the abuse the truck takes while running down the road, Southpointe Radiator believes that it’s better to offer a product that lasts a lifetime. Made in the USA right in their shop in Taylor Michigan, Southpointe Radiator proudly makes Stainless Steel Coolant Tubes – done right.
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So, You Want to Be an Owner/Operator? Not so fast.

Richard Stephens
March 9, 2014

I have been following a soon-to-be Owner/Operator on Twitter for the past couple of months. They (a husband and wife team) have been tweeting all of the aspects of their progress, from getting licenses to buying their rig. It would seem that all of the paperwork required would scare most drivers into just driving for a company. When they finally found the right truck, you could just “hear” the excitement in their posts. The pictures they posted of that shiny new rig made you feel like doing a fist pump and shouting, “score!”

Their journey has certainly opened my eyes to all of the paperwork required before you can haul that first load. Yet with all of the hoops they had to jump through and hurdles to bound over, they were missing one critical piece in their quest in becoming a successful O/O: software.

“Software? I don’t need no stinking software to drive a truck!”

There is no doubt that we now live in the digital age. It’s all around you: smart phones, PCs, tablets, GPS devices, etc. You may certainly use a printed map to help navigate. You may certainly use a printed log book to keep track of hours. And, you may certainly use pencil and paper to track your mileage in each state (or province), the roads you traveled, where you got fuel, and any maintenance performed on your rig. However, with all due respect to the “graybeards” still out there driving, this isn’t 1975.

Software has become the accepted standard for replacing pad and paper. Besides needing software to track your driving hours, you need software to track your business. That’s right; as an Owner/Operator you are now a company. You have bills to pay, truck(s) to track, IFTA and DOT maintenance reports to file, loads to find, and money to collect from customers.

So, just how do you find the right software to help your new business? First, ask your fellow truckers. Yup – word of mouth is a great way to find out what works for someone else. Second, ask truck organizations you trust (such as OOIDA) what they recommend. Third, use your favorite search engine to look for software reviews. And finally, call the software company and ask to speak with the developer of the software.

“What?! Talk to the geek that writes the software? That’s unheard of!”

Hear me out. I hate talking to sales people, as they will simply tell you everything you want to hear. I find that if I am “allowed” to speak to the developer, that I can get specific answers to questions, rather than the politically correct, scripted answers. The developer knows what the program can, and more important, cannot do. If you cannot speak with the developer, then don’t buy the software.

The best software doesn’t necessarily have most expensive price.

That’s right. Regardless of what your country’s leadership reports about the economy, we are still in the middle of an economic “down” period. I have noticed that a lot of software companies have actually raised their prices to compensate for fewer sales. The software company that actually cares about YOU, the O/O, will reflect that in their pricing. So, look for a good “bang for your buck.”

Another key factor when looking for the right software is the “nickel and dime” aspect. Every software product has its initial licensing fee. That’s what I call, “the first shoe to drop.” The “second shoe” is, “What are the ongoing costs?” Here are five items that are important to know:

Are there any costs in upgrading to newer versions as they are released?
Are there any monthly costs just to use the software?
Are there any costs to get training for how to use the software?
Are there any costs to get technical support?
Are there any costs in getting help when you need to move the software to another PC?

I always expect to pay an up-front fee to use software. However, I detest monthly fees and fees to get any kind of support. You need to factor these items into consideration before buying the product. And if they won’t help you move the software in the future, then that should raise a huge red flag.

I recently spoke with a trucker who was using an older version of his trucking software when his hard drive crashed. Luckily, he had a backup of his data. When he called the software company to help him get going with his new hard drive, they would not help him because he was on an older version. WOW. Talk about the fastest way to lose a customer.

So, doing a little homework will get you going with the right software. Just don’t forget this critical piece when beginning your O/O journey.

Richard Stephens, owner of ALMSys, Inc., is the author of the “Rig Expense Tracker” trucking software. For more information on Richard and his software, visit his website

APU, Auxiliary Power Units, Generators

APU, Auxiliary Power Units, Generators. They go by a variety of names but they all solve the same problems. Saving money while increasing truck driver comforts when stopped for long periods of time. Most over the road trucks now include many amenities to make the truck a more tolerable environment on month long cross country dispatches. The days of having a small bunk and limited storage for the truck driver is no longer acceptable. To recruit and retain truck drivers, companies are forced to spend money on rigs with many amenities. And lets not for a minute think that they companies are doing this because they want to – for unless the rig is operated by the owner, there are few companies that would lay out the expenses for these luxury accommodations. Well, at least luxury compared to 30 or more years ago.

Today’s common 60″ condo sleeper unit was considered a ridiculous overstatement 30 years hence, but now, most drivers not getting such amenities will feel insulted, unwanted and may just refuse to make a career out of a job with that company. Owner operators or team operations appreciate the extra space of 70 plus inch units.

Of course, what good is all that extra space if all you do is store stuff? Small refrigerators, TVs with DVD players, radios and music CD players and microwaves are not uncommon. And that is on top of climate control providing heat and cooling. All of these amenities require power. The cost of idling the truck’s engine can cost upwards of a one gallon an hour, plus additional wear & tear maintenance. Thus just idling the your unit for a 10 hour break can easily cost you $40 or more in bottom line profits. Spend the weekend on layover for a Monday morning pickup and your costs can be substancial. With Truck Stop Electrification limited available at limited locations, the economical solution is a APU or Auxiliary Power Unit.

Auxiliary Power Units

There are many manufactures of APU or generator units and I will not be able to cover them all. I welcome any companies or representatives that work with Auxiliary Power Units, to provide additional information on their company’s products. Is a few of the units available. I have no personal knowledge of these units.

The Dynasys APU

: With a Dynasys auxiliary power unit (APU), drivers can maintain in-cab comfort without the noise, vibration and expense of idling. Operating costs are reduced. And compliance with anti-idling laws is achieved as an added bonus.

Externally mounted on the truck rail, Dynasys is protected in its own weatherproof enclosure and operates using the truck’s fuel supply. This compact, diesel-electric system provides dependable comfort for the driver during downtimes, reduces emissions, and dramatically lowers fuel costs during idling. An optional shore power feature also allows the driver to power the truck’s HVAC from any 110v outlet to work independently from the APU. Financing may be available.

Rigmaster Power

Provides sleeper heating & air conditioning, 120 VAC power, fits on most Class 8 trucks, can power existing block heaters.

Turn off your engine and turn on a Rigmaster. Higher fuel prices and reduced truck engine efficiencies due to changing EPA requirements and the adoption of ULSD have all worked to create a challenging operating environment for fleets and owner operators. The RigMaster APU will relieve growing operating costs and stabilize the risks of a volatile market.

RigMaster Power is a complete stand-alone Auxiliary Power Unit that runs all night on what your idling truck engine burns in two hours.

I will amend this posting if provided information on other units.

Happy Trucking, John

Peterbilt 379 and 6 Yellow Roses: Radiator Pros

It is amazing how often, as Americans, we have learned to not say thank you. In the golden years, okay, you pick when that was for you, people appeared to appreciate doing business with each other much more. When you walked into a business, you were greeted with a hello and you respond with a smile and hello. At the end of your transaction – you thanked the person helping you. Now, it seems, that the customer assumes they owe the serving person not only no thank you, but no respect.

I was made aware of the following story Radiator Pros (1616 NE Broadway, Des Moines, Iowa). The story highlights that old fashioned customer service is still alive and well. And equally important is that there are people that appreciate it.

Please read the entire story here: A 379 Peterbilt PLUS a Heavy Duty Radiator Equals Six Yellow Roses.

I hope that this story reinforces the need for quality customer service by companies. It also should emphasize that returning the courtesy is equally valuable. If, as a truck driver or trucking professional, you just once think that you should not be polite to the people you deal with – remember all the times you are on the other side of the counter. Do you appreciate it when, after dumping $500 worth of fuel in your tanks, the clerk says thank you for your businesses? Of course you do. And all that money was not going to the clerk – it was to the truck stop.

Karma is a two way opportunity. Pass on good emotions and those good vibes will often be returned to you.

Let us return American Trucking and American Customer Service to the way we do business.

And, while I was not personally affected by Radiator Pros’ customer service representative, I would like to thank them for their care, concern and compassion.

Happy Trucking – John Carter

RTS Carrier Services

RTS Carrier Services

RTS Carrier Services‘ mission is to provide industry discounts for transportation companies of any size so that they may grow, prosper and thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Headquartered in Kansas City, RTS Carrier Services is part of the RTS family of companies which also include Ryan Transportation, RTS Credit Services and RTS Financial.

Some of the areas where RTS Carrier services can provide discounts are:

  • Fuel Purchases
  • Tire Purchases and repairs
  • Maintenance and PM
  • Lodging Discounts
  • TripPak charges

RTS Carrier may also be able to provide Factoring of your outstanding invoices, Credit Reporting Services and Private Load Board systems.

Fuel Card Program: Our fuel card program features industry leading discounts on diesel fuel nationwide. We also offer multiple payment methods, online account management and detailed reporting.

Tire Discounts: Save on new and refurbished tires and services at thousands of participating service centers across North America.

Lodging Discounts:  Savings of up to 20% may be possible at many majoring motel/hotel chains.

Maintenance Discounts: Enjoy significant savings on oil changes, preventative maintenance, roadside services and other services vital to keeping your trucks on the road your drives delivering time sensitive cargo.

Factoring Services can greatly improve cash flow by getting you your money now without having to wait 30 or more days for payment. Factoring may be able to get you your cash in 1 or 2 days.

The Ryan Transportation maintains a private Load Board with 24/7 access from any online device with easy to search and easy to use features. Registered carriers can access the load board 24/7 to find the right loads to match with their trucks – in the right location at the right time.

RTS Carrier Services is a single source for many business support services,

Trip Pak Express

Trip Pak Express

Time is money, as they say. And billing for freight on time is more then just money – it could be the difference between staying in business or not. When drivers deliver the loads, the clock starts ticking on getting paid. You have already had to pay for the fuel. The truck payment to the bank has to be made on time and the driver, well, if they ain’t paid, they won’t show up for work next week. This is all money you have to pay out before you get paid.

Many shippers already have net 15 or net 30 day payment cycles, so you already have to wait way too long for your money. But if you add to that up to to 2 weeks before the driver is back at the terminal to turn in paperwork – now you have an even longer delay.


One solution to the rescue is Trip Pak Express Services. TripPak solutions help carriers increase cash flow and improve processes. Our menu of services and solutions deliver increased cash flow, lower costs, and improve efficiency to over 1,000 leading companies today.


Among the options available for users of TripPak services are

  • Drop Box services for timely forwarding of your original documents.
  • Scanning and Electronic Delivery.
  • In-Cab Scanning using a laptop/tablet and a scanner.
  • Driver scanning using Smart Phones or Tablets.

The drop box option also has different service levels from Next Day, Two Day, Once a week and a budget option for small companies that need reliable and secure services but lower operating costs.

TripPak Services also provides driver HOS log compliance auditing, including paper and electronic logs. Insurance companies are demanding that companies accurately track driver compliance with all regulations including HOS and the DOT has taken aggressive enforcement of HOS violations. You can not afford a driver and a truck being taken out of service for HOS violations and TripPak Service’s has the tools to provide audits of the Driver’s Logs. You have enough work to do finding loads, getting the drivers there for pick up on time, making sure the load is delivered on time and then collecting the payment. Let Trip Pak Express take one critical task off your desk.