Trip Pak Express

Trip Pak Express

Time is money, as they say. And billing for freight on time is more then just money – it could be the difference between staying in business or not. When drivers deliver the loads, the clock starts ticking on getting paid. You have already had to pay for the fuel. The truck payment to the bank has to be made on time and the driver, well, if they ain’t paid, they won’t show up for work next week. This is all money you have to pay out before you get paid.

Many shippers already have net 15 or net 30 day payment cycles, so you already have to wait way too long for your money. But if you add to that up to to 2 weeks before the driver is back at the terminal to turn in paperwork – now you have an even longer delay.


One solution to the rescue is Trip Pak Express Services. TripPak solutions help carriers increase cash flow and improve processes. Our menu of services and solutions deliver increased cash flow, lower costs, and improve efficiency to over 1,000 leading companies today.


Among the options available for users of TripPak services are

  • Drop Box services for timely forwarding of your original documents.
  • Scanning and Electronic Delivery.
  • In-Cab Scanning using a laptop/tablet and a scanner.
  • Driver scanning using Smart Phones or Tablets.

The drop box option also has different service levels from Next Day, Two Day, Once a week and a budget option for small companies that need reliable and secure services but lower operating costs.

TripPak Services also provides driver HOS log compliance auditing, including paper and electronic logs. Insurance companies are demanding that companies accurately track driver compliance with all regulations including HOS and the DOT has taken aggressive enforcement of HOS violations. You can not afford a driver and a truck being taken out of service for HOS violations and TripPak Service’s has the tools to provide audits of the Driver’s Logs. You have enough work to do finding loads, getting the drivers there for pick up on time, making sure the load is delivered on time and then collecting the payment. Let Trip Pak Express take one critical task off your desk.