Why Truck Stop Report

Truck Stop Report and this blog was born out of a lack of information available on truck stops and travel plazas. There are plenty of sites that list trucks stops, but all them have one or two major limitations. Number 1, they pimp the truck stops that are members to their group or association or Number 2, they provide nothing but an address, freeway exit number and maybe a phone number.

TSR hopes to assist the motoring public, be it the commercial driver who’s very quality of life depends on truck plaza’s and their amenities or the RVer or 4-wheeler who’s safety and the safety of other drivers depend on their being able to find places for food, fuel, rest and repairs.

It is only with the involvement of the traveling public that this site can grow into it’s full value. The more people that rate, rank and review the many locations, the more complete picture can be painted. Everyone has bad days and everyone has bad experiences. But there are many, many more good one also. Most people only complain about the bad and nobody talks about the good. Hopefully this will change.

Over time information will be added on locations and businesses that support the trucking industry. Some times this information will be from personal knowledge, sometimes it will be information provided by parties unassociated with TruckStopReport.com, and sometimes it will just be opinions of the individual authors.

If you are in the trucking industry as a driver, dispatch, maintenance, truck owner and you have information to share, please feel free to do it here. Are you the spouse of a truck driver or trucking professional and would like to share your stories also? Please do. Input from all is welcome.