The Peterbilt 579 Class 8

Peterbilt 579

The Peterbilt 579 offers a combination of aerodynamic innovation and power-train optimizations to deliver maximum benefit to cost-conscious operators. By designing with aerodynamic performance in mind, the 579 achieves the right combination of fairings, skirts and closeouts to exceed performance requirements.

The 579 can be ordered in a Day Cab or Detachable Sleeper configuration that adds versatility for a longevity of life for high resale value. Built to last, the aluminum cab is solid and durable. An in-mold process embeds color directly into the dash, which creates a long lasting finish the all buts eliminates peeling, scratching and fading. Also, electrical wiring carriages provide support while reducing wear and tear, again increasing the overall durability of the components.

The best truck in the world if of no value if the driver is not comfortable and does not find the truck enjoyable to drive. The Peterbilt 579 excels in this area with a cab designed around the driver. With a spacious and ergonomically designed cab, everything is in reach and placed with the driver in mind. Large, easy to read, operation-critical gauges improve the driver’s ability to monitor the truck’s performance. Back-lit switches enhance nighttime visibility.

Peterbilt’s SmartNav system provides integrated truck telematics and infotainment. Providing real-time truck monitoring, truck specific navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio, the SmartNav system maximizes driver efficiency and comfort. The SmartNav features a large, easy to read 7” touch screen and includes a fully integrated audio system with a satellite radio and Ipod, USB and MP3 capabilities.

On the road with the Peterbilt 579

Over the road drivers will be forced to spend time in their mobile home away from the home – the 579’s Sleeper, a generously sized area which holds an 82” mattress, innovative television mount, abundant storage with flexible organization, and LED lighting creating a pleasant ambiance while extending battery life.

Even the headlamps are designed with safety in mind, with best in the industry down-the-road visibility and coverage. Designed with a consistent beam distribution and excellent overall road coverage, the 579’s headlamps reduces eye fatigue. A large single piece windshield aids also aids in visibility.

Available with a Paccar MX-13 or either the Cummins ISX12 or ISX15 engines and coupled with either Fuller or Allison transmissions, the 579 offers the driver smooth operations. The entire drive-line is customizable to maximize the your Peterbilt 579 to best fit your needs and your budget.

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Disclaimer: This information provided based on information provided by and other internet sources. When [if] the opportunity presents itself, we will gladly do hands review of the Peterbilt 579